The first MDEBE workshop was a great success! We would like to thank all authors, speakers, and attendees very much for their contributions and discussions! In the following, there are some pictures from the workshop.


Lionel Briand

Lionel Briand on Tackling Model-Based Software Testing and Verification as a Search Problem

Discussions at MDEBE'13

Vital discussions at the MDEBE’13 workshop


Fábio Levy Siqueira

Fábio Levy Siqueira on Applying MTBE Manually: a Method and an Example

Andreas Ganser

Andreas Ganser on Model Recommenders for Command-Enabled Editors


Manuel Wimmer

Manuel Wimmer on Generating Metamodels from Grammars by Combining Transformation and By-Example Techniques

Michał Antkiewicz

Michał Antkiewicz on Example-Driven Modeling Using Clafer